Consumer Financing

Offer Your Customers Financing

Consumer FinancingHere at Amplus Funding, we are proud to offer customized consumer finance programs to any business that sells a product or service under $10,000. The benefits of utilizing such a program are many, and there is no doubt that a business can improve the relationships it has with its customers while also enhancing its profitability. Companies no longer have to be concerned with missing out on sales and the resulting effects such lost sales have on the bottom line, as our unique approach to consumer financing is mutually beneficial to both the customer and the company.

Benefits of Consumer Financing

There are a number of reasons for a business to consider adding a consumer finance option, including:

  • Broad range of available financing options
  • Increases in repeat business
  • Greater foot traffic
  • Establishment of enhanced brand awareness
  • Generation of increased customer loyalty

Clearly, these benefits go far beyond just the prevention of lost sales. Many of these benefits generate significant increases in overall profitability, making this particular service offering exceptionally valuable. The program can be implemented in an expedient manner, and it includes a simple and intuitive electronic application process. There is also marketing support available, which serves to attract more business through enticing special financing offers. It should be evident that consumer financing can benefit companies across a wide variety of markets and industries, and the simple implementation of such a program offers exceptional appeal.