Contract Financing

Turn Your Contracts Into Immediate Cash

Contract FinancingIf you have existing contracts and you are looking for ways to generate extra income for your business, Amplus Funding can help you get the money you need with our unique contract financing programs. They are often a better choice than equity financing, and give you the flexibility to generate cash from existing contracts, or contracts in negotiation.

Contract financing is a great solution to your cash flow problems, allowing you to access a lump sum of cash immediately rather than waiting to get paid in small increments over the life of the contract. Our finance advisors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to acquiring financing and below are just a few details of our program. If you have any questions beyond the information on this page, please contact us today to learn more about how this program can help you access capital for your business.

Details of our contract financing program:

  • Custom solutions tailored to your company‚Äôs situation and needs
  • Deals from $1 million and up
  • Customer investment or near investment grade
  • Contracts must include equipment component
  • Not applicable to ongoing service maintenance contracts

Industries that can benefit from contract financing are often startups and emerging companies with long contracts in place that need short-term cash flow to grow.

We often work with:

  • Startups and emerging businesses
  • Breakthrough technologies and processes
  • Technology companies
  • Software development and computer systems industry
  • Communications and digital broadcasting
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Education and municipal agencies
  • Medical and retail facilities
  • Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Food processing
  • Water purification

If you are looking for creative ways to generate cash or you cannot wait for incremental contract payments to come in over a long period of time, Amplus Funding can help you monetize those contracts and get the cash you need right away.