Mergers & Acquisition Financing

Trust Professional Merger and Acquisition Financing to Our Professionals

Acquisition FinancingAt Amplus Funding, we regularly develop individualized acquisition financing plans for $1M up to $500M. We have a marked history of success, and we have the experience you need to be confident that you made the right choices. Successful mergers and acquisitions almost always require a multidisciplinary team which is spearheaded by financial experts.

An Individualized Approach to Corporate Financing

Structuring acquisition financing is not as simple as calculating interest rates and maximum loan amounts. When you work with our team at Amplus Funding, you will get the expert guidance and advice you deserve. Before we look at financing options, we always conduct in-depth analyses of both businesses involved in the merger. We will leverage existing assets and new ones to develop the optimal financing structure for your business, now and in the future.

Work With a Financial Institution That Will Advocate for Your Business

At Amplus Funding, we want to see you succeed and grow. Instead of offering oversimplified corporate financing options, we will give you options based on the specific needs of your company. Each merger is unique, and each business has unique financing needs.

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