Purchase Order Financing

Access Capital With Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order FinancingOne of the many reasons we provide you with access to purchase order financing relates to the fact that we have a deep understanding of the many challenges you and your company face. Through our many years of experience, we here at Amplus Funding have recognized that it is often the case that a company’s biggest challenge does not relate to sales or production. Instead, this challenge is often in finding the necessary financing for the procurement of pre-sold merchandise. We believe that this is a challenge our purchase order financing can help you overcome.

Our Comprehensive Expertise

We are proud to specialize in the following:

  • Letters of Credit for trade financing purposes
  • Production financing

These specialties are beneficial to all manner of companies, so if you are a reseller, distributor, wholesaler or producer of manufactured products, we believe that our purchase order financing can be of assistance to you and your company.

Significant Benefits Available Through Our Financing

We believe that the benefits of utilizing purchase order financing are many, as they can allow your company to grow without accruing additional bank debt or selling equity. This service offering is also able to increase your market share and help you fulfill larger orders, something that can only contribute to the further growth of your business. These benefits make this flexible funding option an excellent choice for companies seeking this sort of financing.